#1 rated Wordpress and SquareSpace Support

We live and breathe WordPress & SquareSpace

Did your web developer go ghost on you?

Can’t figure out how to get WordPress to actually work?

Is SquareSpace giving you a headache?

We’ve been there before and we know it sucks. So that’s why PixelDust was created. We’re here to solve your WordPress and SquareSpace issues once and for all.

Ok but but seriously, how can you guys offer UNLIMITED support???

That’s easy to answer…because we’re awesome and you’re website should be awesome too.

Lots of people start building websites with SquareSpace or WordPress everyday because they thought it was easy. And that’s exactly the problem, there are so many options and customizations and plugins and updates and and and…ughhhhh…it can drive you crazy just thinking about it.

Sometimes you just need a little help knocking out some website issues before launch. Cool. We can help.

Or maybe you need help updating your ecommerce website and don’t know where to start. Guess what, still cool. We can help with that too.

Check out our service catalog for a full list of ways we can make your website everything we both know it can and should be.